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Puna Geothermal Warning System Test Information Update for Wednesday April 27th at 8:00AM.. 

This is a Puna Geothermal warning system test information update for Wednesday April 27th at 8:00AM.

  The Puna Geothermal Venture plant will be conducting a test of their facility emergency warning system to include the sounding of the drill rig warning siren today, Wednesday April 27th at approximately 11:30a.m.  This is only a test that is necessary to ensure the proper working order and function of their warning system. Residents in the immediate area and communities of Leilani Estates, Nanawale Estates, and the upper Kapoho and Pohoiki areas may hear the siren and we apologize for any disruption or inconvenience this may cause.   Again, this is a test of the facility’s emergency warning systems and no action is needed.


Dengue Fever Information Update For Tuesday April 26th At 3:00PM.

This is a Dengue Fever information update for Tuesday April 26th at 3:00PM.

 As of 1:00PM today the State Department of Health had reported no additional confirmed cases of dengue fever.   The total number of confirmed cases remains at 264.  No cases are currently infectious.  Please continue to Fight the Bite. 

To prevent mosquito bites, wear clothing that minimizes exposed skin, use mosquito repellent on skin that cannot be covered, and avoid areas of high mosquito concentration during the early morning and late afternoon periods when mosquito activity is greatest. 

If you suspect you may have dengue, remain indoors to prevent the possibility of being bitten and infecting mosquitoes, and contact a health care provider. Community health centers are working with the Department of Health to see patients who suspect they may have dengue regardless of ability to pay.

 Help to reduce potential mosquito breeding areas around homes and businesses.  To support home and business owners in cleaning and removing potential breeding areas, the County of Hawaii Department of Environmental Management will be extending its weekend transfer station hours for the entire month of April.  All transfer stations island-wide will be opened on both Saturday and Sunday for the month of April from the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm.  Normal transfer station hours will resume during the work week. In addition, the department will be conducting an additional Household Hazardous Waste collection at the following location:

  • Saturday April 30th at the Hilo Transfer Station  

For more information on both transfer station hours and the household hazardous waste collection please go to the website.


Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these extended hours of transfer station availability and lets all do our part to clean up our community.   

Below is a map that depicts case locations as of 3/17/2016.

This map will be updated weekly with location data provided by the State Department of Health. Locations may represent multiple cases. For the most up to date case counts and other information from the Department of Health, visit their website at

Surveying and spraying is being conducted at the residences of all suspect and confirmed cases, in addition to proactive spraying at nearby public facilities.

This map should not be used to exclude any areas of the island from proactive mosquito control measures. All residents islandwide are encouraged to Fight The Bite by reducing mosquito breeding grounds and protecting themselves from mosquito bites.



Dengue Fever Proclamation, February 8, 2016

Mayor’s Emergency Proclamation effective February 8, 2016.


Mayor's Proclamation From March 30, 2015

Fourth Supplementary Proclamation. Effective Monday, March 30, 2015 and continuing theron for 60 days or until further act.


Mayor's Proclamation from January 30, 2015 

The Mayor has signed his Third Emergency Supplementary Proclamation, due to the threat of disaster due to the June 27th lava flow in the District of Puna, effective January 30, 2015. And that the Proclamation of September 4, 2014, Supplementary Proclamation of October 16, 2014 and Second Supplementary Proclamation of December 3, 2014 shall remain in full force and effect.


Mayor's Proclamation From December 3, 2014

Second Supplementary Proclamation, Effective Wednesday, 12/03/2014 and continuing theron for 60 days or until further act.


Mayor's Proclamation from October 16, 2014

Supplementary Proclamation effective October 16, 2014 prohibiting access to the Railroad Alternative Emergency Route and the Chain of Craters Alternative Emergency Route.


Mayor's Proclamation from October 15, 2014

State of Emergency exists on the Hawaii Island, Effective Wednesday, 10/15/2014  and continuing thereon for 60 days or until further act.


Mayor's Proclamation from September 4, 2014

June 27th Lava Flow Proclamation for Hawaii Island, Effective Thursday, 09/04/2014 and continuing thereon for 60 days or until further act.


Mayor's Proclamation from August 7, 2014

State of Emergency exists on the Hawaii Island, Effective 6:00 AM   Thursday, 08/07/2014  and continuing thereon for 60 days or until further act.