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East Rift Zone Eruption - Sat, 6/9/18, 12PM - Update 2

This is a Civil Defense Message for Saturday, June 9 at 12 noon.

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports Fissure 8 continues to produce a large channelized flow with a high volume of lava. The flow is entering the ocean at Kapoho Bay and producing a large laze plume.  Sulfur Dioxide emissions remain high from fissure eruptions.  The National Weather Service reports trade winds are back and pushing the gas emissions south.

Due to the current volcanic activity, the following policies are in effect:

  • Residents in adjacent areas, and in close proximity to the active flow, should heed warnings from Civil Defense officials and be prepared to evacuate with little notice.
  • Leilani Estates West of Pomaikai Street is open only to residents with official credentials; there is no curfew.
  • Government Beach Road, between Kahakai Boulevard and Cinder Road is open to Waa Waa and Papaya Farms Road only to residents with official credentials; there is no curfew.

Due to the elevated gas levels around the fissure system and at the ocean, the following is provided for your information:

  • Avoid the laze plume at the ocean entry and be aware that the plume travels with the wind and can change direction without warning.
  • If you feel the effects of sulfur dioxide exposure shelter-in-place or leave the immediate area.
  • You can monitor sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide on Hawaii Island by visiting the Civil Defense website.

The shelter at Pahoa Community Center is open and pet-friendly. The Keaau Armory shelter has reached capacity.

We are on watch 24-hours a day for your safety.

This is your Hawai‘i County Civil Defense Agency.