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New License Requirements

Instruction Permit

  1. Complete a driver license application for an Instruction Permit
  2. Present Identifying documents (See list of Acceptable Documents)
  3. Complete and pass eye screening
  4. Complete and pass 30-question written exam
  5. You must have a clear driving status

The Instruction permit is valid for one year and allows you to drive with a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age or older.  You may renew the instruction permit 30-days prior to expiration.

Road Test Requirements

  1. Road test appointments are available at Waimea, Kona, Ka‘u and Kohala.  Road tests are first come first serve at the Hilo office. 
  2. You must present:  valid unexpired instruction permit;
  3. Licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age or older
  4. Current, original unexpired vehicle registration (decal must be on license plate)
  5. Current, yellow unexpired safety inspection form (decal must be on vehicle bumper)
  6. Valid, unexpired Hawai‘i State Insurance Card
  7. All names on all documents must match.
  8. Photocopies, faxes, internet printouts,  policies are not accepted
  9. Vehicle must meet safety standards:
  10. Brake lights, turn signals, speedometer, and seat belts must be in working order; 
  11. No cracks in the windshield;
  12. Front and rear license plates must be affixed to the vehicle in factory mounts;
  13. Power windows and locks must be in working order;
  14. Legal tinted windows.
  15. Vehicle must be clean (interior and exterior)
  16. No Rental or company cars

You may be refused a road test if vehicle is deemed unsafe or unacceptable.

Duplicate License Requirements

You may apply for a duplicate license if you are changing your name or address; do not have your license in your possession (lost/stolen) or your license is damaged.  The following items may be required.

  1. Complete driver license application for duplicate license
  2. For name changes, present acceptable documents for name change (certified marriage certificate, certified divorce decree, certified name change document)

Your original license expiration date will remain the same.  If you are eligible for a license renewal (six months prior to expiration) we recommend you apply for a license renewal instead of a duplicate license.