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No Smoking in Cars with Minors Present…Its the Law!

Hawaii County prohibits smoking in any motor vehicle whenever occupied by a person less than eighteen (18) years of age.                                                                Hawaii County Code, Section 14-21 (12), Ordinance No. 10-33

Any person violating subsection 14-21 (12) shall have a mandatory fine of not less than $25 and not more than $50.                                                                    Hawaii County Code, Section 14-24 (b)

DIVISION HEAD:  Naomi U. P. O’Dell, VRL Administrator

DRIVERS LICENSING:  Hauoli O. Aiona, Supervising Driver Licensing Examiner

          Hilo (808) 961-2222, Fax (808) 961-8861

          Waimea (808) 887-3087, Fax (808) 887-3086 | Kailua-Kona (808) 323-4800, Fax (808) 323-4819

          Naalehu (808) 854-7214, Fax (808) 939-2517 | Pahoa (808) 965-2721, Fax (808) 965-2724

STATE IDENTIFICATION CARD - HILO AND KONA ONLY:  Hilo (808) 961-2222, Fax (808) 961-8861

          Kailua-Kona (808) 323-4800, Fax (808) 323-4819

          (State Identification Card is part of the Driver License offices in Hilo and Kona)

VEHICLE REGISTRATION:  Arline Kabasawa, Supervising Motor Vehicle Registration Clerk

          Hilo (808) 961-8351, Fax (808) 961-8330

          Kona (808) 323-4818, Fax (808) 327-4410  | Pahoa (808) 965-2721, Fax (808) 965-2724

PERIODIC MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION:  Stanley Imaino, Motor Vehicle Control Inspector

          Hilo (808) 961-2320 | Kona (808) 323-4811


HOURS OF OPERATION:  For location and hours of service for the different sections please click on the General Information links below.

DESCRIPTION:  The Vehicle Registration & Licensing Division is comprised of three Sections. The Driver’s License Section issues Driver’s Licenses, State Identification Cards and Commercial Driver’s Licenses. The Motor Vehicle Registration Section issues vehicle, bicycle and select business registrations. The Periodic Inspection Section authorizes and monitors Vehicle Inspection providers.


Driver’s Licensing Section

Driver Licensing - General Information

Commercial Driver Licensing - General Information

Hawaii’s Legal Presence Law Information and Requirements

Hawaii State Civil Identification Cards - General Information and Requirements**

**State ID’s are available at the Hilo and Kona Offices only

Vehicle Registration Section

Motor Vehicles - General Information

Motor Vehicles - Fee Information

Bicycle and Moped Registration

Motor Vehicle Licensing and Registration Forms

Dog License Registration

Registering a Trailer

Business Licenses

Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection Section

Hawai‘i law requires all motor vehicles to undergo a safety inspection once a year. 
Inspections are conducted at automobile dealerships, service stations and garages. 
To insure inspection technicians are complying with the state’s many safety provisions, motor vehicle inspectors conduct periodic reviews of their practices and facilities. 
Inspectors also investigate complaints regarding Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections. 
The PMVI program ensures uniformity of periodic inspections as well as contributing to the safety of all highway users by reducing accidents due to mechanical defects on vehicles. 
There are about 250 active licensed inspection technicians and about 132 inspection stations in the county of Hawai‘i. 
Four motor vehicle inspectors and two clerks currently staff the program on the island of Hawai‘i.
When safety inspections are completed by inspection stations, safety inspection forms are sent to Honolulu for updating and inputting into the Statewide data base. Motor Vehicle Registration staff can see the safety check expiration date on the vehicle file once it is entered. Updates may take up to 4 months to reflect current safety inspection expiration.

Taxicab Rules and Regulations Section

Mass Transit Agency Rule 69


Taxi Driver Permit Rules and Regulations

Hawaii County Code 18 (Chapter 18, section 18-31 thru 18-55)

State of Hawai‘i Motor Vehicle Web site

Hawai‘i Motor Vehicle Safety Office

Hawai‘i State Medical Report Form

Service Excellence Survey

Customer Service Survey Form