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Map depicting Ormoc City near the center of the Philippine islands

Ormoc City

Sister City relationship between Hawai‘i County and Ormoc, Philippines was established on September 14, 2011. Located in the province of Leyte, Ormoc is the economic, cultural, commercial and transportation hub of western Leyte.  On November 8, 2013, the city was largely destroyed by Super Typhoon Hayan, having previously suffered similar destruction and loss of life in 1991 during typhoon Thelma.

Ormoc’s economic base is a good mix of agriculture, aquaculture, industry, tourism, and commercial services.  Sugar cane, rice and pineapple are the bulk produce of the agricultural sector.

193 MW Palinpinon

A large part of Ormoc’s power needs is supplied by its abundant geothermal power. Tongonan Hot Springs National Park is a valley of geothermal power source that can supply electricity to the whole region. Hawai‘i Island can learn from Ormoc City’s experiences to achieve similar successes in using geothermal energy.

In 2012, Mayor Billy Kenoi and a delegation of 14 visited Ormoc for a 3-day official visit.

Supporting Organizations: Kona Visayan Club, Hilo Visayan Club

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