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KÄ«lauea Eruption

Map depicting Yurihama City on the south-western coast of Japan

Yurihama City

Sister City relationship between Hawai‘i County and Hawai-Cho was established on October 16, 1996.  Hawai-Cho merged with other towns from the Tohaku District (Togo and Tomari), which all surround Lake Togo and became Yurihama on October 1, 2004.

Yurihama is well known for its hot springs near Lake Togo. It’s signature product is the 20th century pear.

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The Yurihama City Hawaiian Festival takes place during the first weekend of July. 2014 will mark their 15th anniversary. Hula halau come from all over Japan to perform, and musicians and halau from Hawai‘i Island come to perform and teach hula. This week long event encourages the growth and sharing of hula, music & the culture of Hawai‘i with the people of Japan. It takes place at the Hawai‘i Aloha Hall, a town facility that provides music rooms, assembly halls and a large auditorium that can accommodate approximately 500 people.

Junior High School students from Yurihama and Hilo Intermediate School participate in an annual summer student exchange program. Students participate in their host school’s schedule of events that focus on cultural and educational activities.  This exchange continues to be a unique opportunity and a tremendous learning experience for all of the participating students.


Supporting Organization: Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai‘i (JCCIH)

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