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KÄ«lauea Eruption

Island of Hawai’i - Ka’u: Map 3

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Map: Ka'u 3

1. Manuka Bay (State) – Small coral rubble and white sand beach flanked by rocky seacliffs. Fishing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and nature study. Single outhouse, otherwise undeveloped. Hazardous footing, waves, currents and cliffs. Access is via 6-mile long, 4-wheel drive jeep trail from Hawai`i Belt Road. Access road is 0.7 miles north of the 82 mile marker.

2. Road to the Sea – Black sand beach and rocky seacliffs. Swimming, fishing, nature study. Undeveloped. No amenities. Hazardous cliffs, footing, waves, and currents. Access road is unpaved 4-wheel drive jeep trail approximately 9 miles long to Humuhumu Point.

3. South Point (Federal/State/County) – High seacliffs. Fishing and hiking. Parking. Hazardous cliffs, waves, currents, and footing. Narrow paved road from Hawai`i Belt Road to Ka Lae, southernmost land in the United States.

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