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Island of Hawai’i - South Hilo: Map 5

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Map: South Hilo 5

1. Bayfront Beach Park (County) – Black sand beach. Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and picnicking. Restrooms, ample parking, showers, and close to town. Hazardous waves and currents. Park open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Canoe hales are located on the developed west side (Hilo Town side) of park. An additional vehicular entrance to the relatively undeveloped east end (Wailoa River side) of the park is immediately east of the Wailoa River Bridge.

2. Wailoa River State Recreation Area (State) – Concrete wharf at entrance to Wailoa River. Boating and fishing. Parking and restrooms. Hazardous boat and motor vehicle traffic. Additional marina facilities with boat ramp, restrooms, parking, boat washing, picnic tables, pavilions, and recreation fields situated on 130+ acre park area inland (mauka) of Kamehameha Avenue. Additional information is available at the State of Hawai`i, Department of Land and Natural Resources website. For visitor information, call the Wailoa Center at (808) 933-0416. For harbor information, call the Wailoa Harbor at (808) 933-0414.

3. Happiness Gardens – Privately maintained passive park open to the public. Fishing, nature study, and picnicking. Parking and trash recepticles. Hazardous waves and footing along shoreline.

4. Lili`uokalani Gardens (County) – Shorefront park with Japanese gardens landscaping. Fishing, picnicking, walking, bicycling. Restrooms, park benches, picnic tables, walking paths, ponds, pavilions and ample parking. ADA accessible. Hazardous waves and footing along shoreline. No scooters or skateboards on sidewalks. Leashed pets only. No parking between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

5. Coconut Island (County) – Mostly rocky shoreline with pockets of sandy beach. Swimming, fishing, and picnicking. Restrooms, drinking water, showers, pavilions with electricity, picnic areas, and parking. ADA accessible. Hazardous waves and footing. Park accessible via footbridge from parking lot.

6. Coastline at Naniloa Hotel – Rocky shoreline extensively landscaped fronting hotel. Fishing. Parking. Hazardous waves, currents and footing along shoreline. Access to shoreline of Hilo Bay fronting Naniloa Hotel through parking areas to the East of the hotel on both sides of the main swimming pool.

7. Reed’s Bay Beach Park (County) – White coral sand and lava rock beach along East side of Banyan Drive. Fishing, sailing, kayaking, diving, swimming, picnicking. Limited parking, portable toilets. Hazardous footing, boat, kayak and vehicle traffic.

8. Hilo Bay Clinic – Well-maintained grass lawn along the top of the low seacliff with rocky and heavily vegetated shoreline. Fishing and nature study. No public facilities. No public access parking in Hilo Bay clinic parking lot. Hazardous footing. Pedestrian only access from Kalaniana`ole Avenue to Reed’s Bay through parking lot on west side of Bay Clinic property. A poorly maintained, narrow, rocky and slippery footpath from the parking lot traverses between two large ponds.

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