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Island of Hawai’i - South Hilo

Shoreline Public Access Ways


Important Information

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Map: South Hilo

Coastal areas along the island of Hawai`i are subject to seasonal high surf. During periods of high surf, strong currents may run along the shoreline. These currents may create hazardous conditions, making the ocean unsafe for swimming. For a number of the access ways listed in this guide, access to the ocean is over rocks and other hazardous terrain. Wave activity can make getting in and out of the water difficult due to dangerous shorebreaks and slippery rocks, therefore please proceed with caution.

Map 1 : Kolekole Beach Park

Map 2 : Pepe’ekeo Coastal Trails

Map 3 : Onomea Bay

Map 4 : Honoli’i Beach Park

Map 5 : Hilo Bayfront to Reed’s Bay

Map 6 : Hilo Breakwater to Onekahakaha Beach Park

Map 7 : James Kealoha Park (4 Mile Beach) to Leleiwi Street Access