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The Energy Program, managed by the Department of Research and Development, consists of four main areas:

  1. Regulatory and Legislative Programs – intervene, participate, monitor and serve as advocate for Hawai`i County interests in Public Utility Commission proceedings.
  2. Renewable Energy Initiatives – implement projects that can save the county and taxpayer money while reducing the impact to the environment.
  3. Economic Development Projects – develop and encourage economy-stimulating projects in electricity, transportation and efficiency.
  4. Energy Emergency Preparedness – plan and prepare for energy emergencies resulting from natural disaster, market disruption or terrorism in fuel supplies.

Resources and Reports

West Hawaii Civic Center-PV-Battery Anaysis County of Hawaii – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Pilot

County of Hawaii Fleet Analysis

County of Hawaii Energy Sustainability Road Map

Hawaii State Energy Office

Guide to Renewable Energy Facility Permits in the State of Hawaii

Federal Finance Facilities Available for Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Clean Energy Deployment

Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group Final Report, September 9, 2013

Geothermal Energy Working Group - January 2012 Interim Report: Evaluating geothermal energy as the primary resource for baseload power in the County of Hawaii