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The Information Resources Program collects, maintains and disseminates statistical, reference, and program information to County and State agencies, and the general public.

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County and State Data | Agriculture Mapping Tool | Economic Forecast | U.S. Census County Business Patterns | U.S. Cluster Mapping Project

County and State Data


U.S. Census Quick Facts


Hawai‘i County ACS 2016 Demographics Data by Census Block


Through the Hawai‘i Statwide GIS Program, DBEDT provides an interactive map of U.S. Census 2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates data by Census Tracts. Data includes: resident population, median household and family income, persons and families below poverty level, civilian unemployment rate, educational attainment, foreign born data, and median value of owner occupied housing units. Census Tract Data Map

DBEDT Reference Maps (Based on 2010 Census Geography). The DBEDT maps are a joint project between the Hawaii State Data Center and the DBEDT Office of Planning - Hawaii State GIS Program. These maps display census geographic boundaries and the geographic distribution of selected census data.

Agriculture Mapping Tool

Ag Site Assessment Tool

The Ag Site Assessment Tool (AgSite) is designed by University of Missouri Extension as an educational tool that generates a report on the physical, cultural and environmental characteristics of a selected parcel of land and its surroundings. This is a free and easy to use mapping program that generates a report with the following data layers: Soils, streams, wetlands and ponds, watersheds, floodplains, Karst geology, nearby communities, legal description, threatened and endangered species, and aerial photography.

Economic Forecasts

U.S. Census County Business Patterns

Census Explorer Retail Edition: County Business Patterns includes statistics on retail trade in America, including the growing online market. Explore the number of business establishments, employment and average annual payroll for every county in the U.S. for retail as a whole, as well as online retailers, online auctions, and mail order businesses.

U.S. Cluster Mapping Project

The  Region Dashboard provides data on the economic performance and cluster composition of the local economy. Hawaii County Region Dashboard

Source: U.S. Cluster Mapping (, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School. Copyright © 2014 President and Fellows of Harvard College. All rights reserved. Research funded in part by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

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