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The Department of Research and Development’s Tourism Program provides active leadership to strengthen and enhance Hawai‘i Island’s visitor industry. It’s efforts are directed by the by the Hawai‘i Island Tourism Roadmap

The Tourism Program supports cooperative marketing programs, community festivals and sporting events, visitor arrival and departure experiences as well as new tourism products. 

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority Funding Programs in 2018

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority announced that funding support will be provided to qualified applicants for programs in 2018 that perpetuate Hawaiian culture, preserve Hawai‘i’s natural resources and present community-based festivals and events.  For more information and program application please visit Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s website.

2017 Hawai‘i Tourism Authority Community Enrichment Program (CEP) awardees.


Hawai‘i Tourism Authority Reports

The following visitor industry reports compiled by the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA) can be found at HTA’s Research & Reports Webpage:

National Park Visitor Statistics 

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