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Court Documents & Legal Opinions

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Court Documents

These are some examples of court documents prepared and filed by our attorneys in a wide variety of cases before the federal and state courts.  These are posted here for public informational purposes only and do not constitute the entire court or legal file.  documents.

Legal Opinions

You may notice some opinions are marked “privileged” or “confidential.”  Our attorneys often include this caveat at the beginning of some legal opinions, since it is up to the client (our County officers, employees, departments, etc.) to waive the attorney-client privilege and allow the opinion or document to be published.  For all legal opinions and documents listed here, there has been a waiver of the attorney-client privilege so the public we serve may be kept updated and informed.  Please know these opinions are provided for informational purposes only as examples of the many areas our attorneys practice in, and should not be construed as or relied upon as the Corporation Counsel dispensing legal advice to the public at large.