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Business & Occupation Licensing

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All licenses have a term of one (1) year, except for Purchasing, Wrecking and Rebuilding Cars licenses & Firearms licenses, which will always expire June 30th.

Place of Business
The place of business is where business transactions are made within an established place of business.  All licenses authorize the carrying on of the business licensed, only at the place indicated in the license.

No license issued by the County of Hawaiʻi shall be transferable.

Exposed to View
All persons holding a license for any class or kind of business shall keep the license exposed to view, in some prominent place, convenient for inspection, on the premises for which the license is granted.

Business License Fee Schedule

Business Type Description Term Cost
Auctioneer Any person who is licensed by the Director to sell goods, wares, merchandise or other personal or real property at auction 1 Year $100.00
Firearms (to Sell) Any person engaged in the business to sell and manufacture firearms for sale in the State of Hawai`i either at wholesale or retail Expires on June 30th $10.00
Purchasing, Wrecking, Rebuilding Cars Any person engaged in the business of
  • Purchasing or selling used motor vehicle parts or accessories; or
  • Engaging in the business of wrecking, salvaging, or dismantling motor vehicles for the purpose of reselling the parts or accessories; or
  • Rebuilding wrecked or dismantled vehicles for the purpose of resale
Expires on June 30th $10.00 Each
Dance Hall Any house, hall, building, or room used for public dancing, for admission to which fees are charged or collected, whether directly for tickets or indirectly in any manner by way of cover charges, fees for partners, or other charges of any nature, or in which female dancing partners receive or have agreed to receive compensation.

Exception:  Church halls, club houses, or halls which are occasionally used for dances, at which no compensation is paid or agreed to be paid to any female dancing partners, are not included
1 Night $1.00 Per Night
Pawnbroker Any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity who advances for interest or in expectation of profit, gain or reward any sum of money upon security of any goods or chattels taken by such person by way of pawn or pledge 1 Year $100.00
Scrap Dealer Any person engaged in the business of buying, selling, or dealing in scrap or any person operating, carrying on, conducting, or maintaining a scrap yard.
Scrap means any secondhand or used metal except for motor vehicle parts
1 Year $10.00
Second Hand Dealer Any person who trades in secondhand or previously owned articles 1 Year $10.00

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