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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I make an appointment for a road test?

  • Can I renew my license by mail?

  • How do I renew my learner's permit?

  • I had a DUI and my revocation period has ended. How can I apply for a permit?

  • I have a brand new trailer, how can I register it.

  • I heard that I need to have a driver's license with a gold star to travel after October 1, 2020. How can I get one.

  • I just purchased a vehicle, since VRL is closed, how can I transfer title to my name.

  • I lost my driver's license, how can I get another one?

  • I need to store my vehicle plates before my registration expires at the end of this month. How can I do this if your office is closed.

  • I recently purchased a used trailer, how do I register it under my name.

  • I recently shipped a vehicle here from the mainland and need to register it. How can I register my vehicle with your office closed?

  • My driver's license is expired. Am I allowed to legally drive.

  • My vehicle plates are currently in storage and I would like to drive my vehicle again. How can I do this.

  • My vehicle registration is due for renewal and my safety inspection is expired. I am unable to renew my safety inspection due to all stations being closed. How can I renew my registration?