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Out-Of-State Permit

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You may operate your recently arrived vehicle in Hawaii County if it is currently registered in another state under the following conditions:

  • The vehicle is registered in your name.
  • A Hawaii safety check inspection from an authorized safety check station has been obtained. (Your vehicle must have 2 plates in order to obtain a Safety Check as they will not pass your vehicle for a safety inspection with only 1 plate on the vehicle.)

An out-of-state vehicle permit from the Vehicle Registration & Licensing Division issued within 30 days of its arrival in County of Hawaii. To obtain the permit, submit the following:

  • A completed Out-of-State Vehicle Permit Application form. The current out-of-state certificate of registration.
  • A bill of lading or shipping receipt, which shows the date the vehicle, arrived in Hawaii County.
  • The Hawaii Certificate of Safety Check Inspection.
  • $5.00 payment for the permit.

The out-of-state plates will be valid until their expiration date or for 12 months, whichever occurs first.

You may also obtain Hawaii license plates under the above conditions instead of an out of state permit. If your vehicle is going to remain in the state this might be an easier alternative for you.