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Storing A Vehicle

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If you will not be using your vehicle for a period of time and the vehicle is currently registered, you may place it in authorized official storage. By doing so, you will be exempted from payment of future registration fees and taxes. Neglecting to officially store a vehicle means you will continue to be responsible for payment of the vehicle’s taxes and fees even during the period when it is not in use.

To store a vehicle, you must:

  • Complete the Statement of Fact for a Stored Vehicle.
  • Surrender the vehicle’s current license plates (both front and back) and emblem.
  • If one or both plates have been lost or stolen, turn in remaining plate, if applicable, and complete the Application for Replacement License Plates and/or Decal.
  • Submit your current certificate of registration. The registration will be stamped to indicate the license plates have been surrendered and the vehicle is in authorized official storage.