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Registering a New Trailer

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  1. An M.S.O. or M.C.O. from the manufacturer is needed to validate the weight of the trailer. You can obtain this from where you purchased the trailer. If this is a homemade trailer that has not been registered in the state of Hawaiʻi, you will need to take the trailer and get it weighed at an official weigh station. The weight tax is calculated using an official weight that is identified for your trailer by the Vehicle Identification Number. Note: a printout of the trailer manufacturer’s warranty registration from their website is not sufficient.

  2. You need to have M.S.O./M.C.O. or a weight slip first, then take the trailer to an inspection station and get a temporary safety inspection.

  3. Take all documents to the Vehicle Registration & Licensing office where you will fill out a trailer registration form (only available at the Vehicle Registration & Licensing office). At that point the clerk will provide you with a valid Hawaiʻi County Registration and a license plate.

  4. Once you get the get the registration and license plate from the Vehicle Registration & Licensing office you then go back to the safety inspector, show the registration and they will complete the finalized Safety Check and affix the Safety Check sticker to your trailer.