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Fire Prevention Bureau

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The Fire Prevention Bureau’s office in Hilo and Kona is not staffed at all times during normal business hours. To assure that your questions and concerns are properly addressed, please make an appointment for all issues that requires you to speak to an inspector in person.

To make an appointment, please call:

  • Hilo: 808-932-2911
  • Kona: 808-323-4760

The Fire Prevention Bureau responsibilities are:

  • Code Enforcement: Conducting fire & life safety inspections of new and existing buildings and structures. Conduct maintenance inspections of all building used as a place of business. See fire code information below.
  • Plan Review and Inspections: Review plans and specifications for proposed buildings and structures; witness acceptance testing on all fire protections systems; conduct inspections of buildings prior to certificate of occupancy.
  • Public Education: Conduct fire and life safety educational classes.
  • Investigation: Investigate the origin and cause of fires within the County of Hawaii, as well as investigate public complaints of fire, life safety and hazardous conditions.

These responsibilities are established in Title 10 Chapter 132 of the Hawaii Revised Statues.

Fireworks Rules and Ordinances are established under TItle 10 Chapter 132D of the Hawaii Revised Statues, and Chapter 14 Article 5 of the Hawaii County Code.

Permit Fee Schedule

Permit fees are as follows as specified by Section 26-13 of the Hawaii County Code 2005 edition as amended.

  • Application of Flammable Finishes (Spray Booth) - $50 Annual Fee
  • Carnival or Fair Permit - $100 Fee
  • Farmers Market, Open Market, and Flea Market Permit - $25 Biannual Fee
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids Tank Permit - $50 Fee (For installation or removal of tanks greater than 60 gallons)
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gases Tank Permit - $50 Fee (Installation of tanks of 125 gallons or greater)
  • Places of Assembly Permit - $50 Annual Fee (For assemblies of 300 occupants or greater)
  • Tents and Temporary Structures Permit - $25 Fee (For tents > 700sqft / Christmas tree tent / Fireworks tent)

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