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The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney is the legal agency responsible for prosecuting all violations of State and County laws, ordinances, rules, and/or regulations on behalf of the Big Island community as provided by Hawai‘i County Charter Article IX: Chapter 28; H.R.S. 28-1.


Our Mission at the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Hawai‘i County is to pursue Justice with Integrity and Commitment. My staff and I are committed to making a difference in the fight against crime through effective prosecution strategies. Effective prosecution strategies include: seeking accountability for those who violate the law in our county, providing assistance to those impacted by criminal conduct, and working with the community to solve crime related problems.

In doing so, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Hawai‘i County provides a variety of services to help keep Hawai‘i County Safe and Healthy. The information contained in this website is designed to provide you with a general understanding of those many services.

With Aloha,
Mitch Roth

Department Goals

  • To strive for just disposition of criminal cases and to promote public safety and order through timely, efficient, and effective prosecution.
  • To ensure that victims and witnesses of crimes are treated with respect, courtesy, and sensitivity in their cooperation with criminal prosecution.
  • To improve the criminal justice system by identifying areas of need and working collaboratively with other criminal justice agencies and the community.
  • To encourage and promote crime prevention and early intervention initiatives to improve the quality of life on the Big Island.
  • To identify, promote and implement new and innovative approaches to solving crime problems.