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Crime Prevention Justice Assistance Group (CPJAG)

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The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney understands that in addition to performing core prosecution functions, we must also work diligently in crime prevention, education and research if we are to make an impact on public safety. Section 9-3(b), Hawai‘i County Charter empowers this office to pursue these tasks. These efforts are the responsibility of employees who recently named themselves the Crime Prevention Justice Assistance Group (“CPJAG”).

CPJAG consists of a Community Deputy Prosecutor, Program Manager, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Special Projects Coordinator, and a legal assistant that works on Elderly Abuse issues. The CPJAG is supported by our Business Manager and Administrative Services Assistant; and meets regularly with community groups, other agencies and non-profits to address prevention, education, research and other efforts within our community. These employees also work to improve the criminal justice system by presenting trainings to law enforcement, prosecutors, government workers, non-profit and other relevant community groups, by bringing to the forefront local problems to be solved through their many discussions in the community, and by supporting community efforts to prevent crime, as well as responsibly administer federal and state grants.