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Code Enforcement Information

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Building Division's Mission Statement:

Protecting the health and safety of our Big Island ʻOhana with honor and integrity.

This is accomplished by ensuring construction projects are designed and constructed in a safe manner as governed by our Building Code via the permit issuance and inspection process.


By enforcing the Building Code through the issuance of notice of violation(s) when building code violations are discovered.

Building inspectors don't have a "quota" to meet in issuing violations.  Instead, Building Division responds to citizen concerns or reports of potential violations/safety hazards of both commercial and private construction projects. A complaint/code investigation is initiated in response to the receipt of an information & complaint form.  A code enforcement case may also be initiated when an inspector notices a safety hazard while conducting scheduled inspections.

Appeal Options to a Code Violation

Requesting a variance
Requesting approval for use of new or alternative materials, methods of construction, equipment, fixtures, devices, or appliances
Other appeals

Appeal Hearings

If an Appeals Hearing is requested, an Appeals Hearing is then scheduled and conducted regarding the violation.

If during the hearing it is decided that a violation exists, the hearing board will schedule a follow up inspection to ensure the violation has been resolved.

If the violation is still discovered in the scheduled inspection, the code enforcement case then goes to the County's Attorney for Judicial Enforcement of Order (5-60(d)) or Penal Enforcement (5-61). (2012, Ord. No. 12-27, sec. 2.) 

For more information, refer to Section 5-53 of Hawaiʻi County Code.

County Codes

Chapter 5 Building (PDF)

Chapter 9 Electricity (PDF)

Chapter 17 Plumbing (PDF)

Chapter 3 Signs (PDF)


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