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Street Light Maintenance

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The Traffic Division of the County of Hawai‘i Department of Public Works manages over 11,300 street lights, only for the island of Hawai‘i, each of which is operated by light-sensing cells.  Two things can happen with these lights. Bulbs can burn out and the light is off or, the sensor can malfunction and the light remains lit all day. Public Works needs your help locating these street lights so they can be repaired.1

If a street light in your neighborhood is lit all day or is not lit at night, please use the form below or call the Traffic Division of Public Works, weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 961-8341 with the following information:

  • The street light pole number. It is easily spotted from a car. It is a large silver number located six to seven feet up on the street light pole.

 PoleNumber PoleNumber_1

  • If you know the street or highway name and a well-known landmark, this is also helpful.
  • If a street light is out or stays on all day.
  • If a street light is burnt out.
  • If the street light remains on all day.

The average timeline from reporting a malfunctioning street light to its repair is between two and three weeks. Street lights provide adequate lighting to prevent accidents and to illuminate the roadway, sidewalk, and shoulders for safe pedestrian and motorist use.  Street lights cannot be deactivated or dimmed. Mahalo for your patience.


Street Light Request

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