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Volunteer Fire

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Hawaii Fire Department Volunteer Division


Aloha Welcome to the Hawaii Fire Department's Volunteer Division web page

This site is dedicated to the men and women of the Hawaii Fire Department, Volunteer Division or anyone interested in learning more about the Volunteer Fire Company in their community.

You will find the latest news on what is happening to include the minutes from the Quarterly Captains meeting and any event that is happening at any of the Volunteer stations island wide. This information will be updated on a regular bases so check back often to stay informed.

Agenda and Minutes

Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery is currently in the process of being rebuilt.

Photo Gallery

Company Information
Find the location of the Volunteer Company in your area along with the names of their Company Officers, types of apparatus and what their response area is.

Station Locations and other Information

If you have any questions or comments for any of the Company Officers or HFD Volunteer Training Division, please drop us a note.  

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Hawaii Fire Department Volunteer Division use the form below. Make sure to include the subdivision that you live in. Please read over the Minimum Qualifications to become a Volunteer Firefighter below. 


1. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

2. Must be a United States citizen. 

3. Must possess a valid Hawaii Driver’s License.

4. Must complete the required HAWAII COUNTY FIRE DEPARTMENT VOLUNTEER FIRE SERVICE application.

5.  Applicants must meet the suitability guidelines for hire as established by the Hawaii Fire Department.

6.  Must submit to and pass a County-required background check (notarized waiver required) and physical examination (PUC) by the County’s physician.

7. Must be willing to comply with the HFD-approved guidelines (SOG’s) for Volunteer Firefighters.

8. Must be willing to follow the “Chain of Command” and follow, without prejudice, the instructions and orders of the person in charge of his/her company during a training or response event.

9. Must be willing to submit to possible drug/alcohol testing. No individual will be permitted to respond to training or a “tone-out” if their physical and/or mental abilities are impaired (ie. illness, injury, alcohol, or drugs of any kind). Reporting for duty while under the influence of drugs or alcohol are grounds for immediate termination.

10. Must be willing to publicly represent the Hawaii Fire Department Volunteer Division honorably and responsibly, acting with pride and compassion.

11. Should attend three (3) consecutive HFD-conducted training sessions as an orientation before application shall be considered. This gives the applicant the opportunity to confirm their commitment to the training requirements. Applicant will attend all training wearing appropriate clothing (t-shirt, heavy long cotton pants, work shoes), and may only observe physical training, not participate.

12. Shall reside in Volunteer district to which they are applying unless approved by the Fire Chief.

After passing the required background check and PUC physical an Applicant may be added as a probationary Volunteer Firefighter to a Volunteer Company’s ACTIVE personnel roster. Uniform items, personal protective equipment (PPE), Volunteer Firefighter ID, and miscellaneous gear may then be issued. A member’s advancement from the probationary period, generally a minimum of 3 months, will be at the discretion of both the Company Officer and the HFD Training Officer.

 Volunteer Application