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Meeting Agendas and Actions

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Legislative items to be considered at council meetings are listed on agendas. Agendas labeled “ACTIONS” show how council members voted on each item on the agenda.

Council’s Committees Agendas and Actions

Council business is divided among sub-units of the Council, referred to as Committees. Committees expedite the business of the Council. It is the duty of the Committees to thoroughly consider and make policy recommendations concerning the legislative matters referred to them. Their recommendations are forwarded to the Council for placement on a future Council agenda.

Council Agendas and Actions

  • Council Agendas
  • Chairman and Presiding Officer - Aaron S. Y. Chung
  • Vice Chair - Karen Eoff

Viewing of Meetings is Available on Public, Education, and Government Television. Please call Na Leo TV at (808) 935-8874 for Channel 55 schedule of Council and Committee meetings.

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