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Office of the County Clerk

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County Clerk: Jon Henricks

Deputy Clerk: Aaron Brown

The Office of the County Clerk is responsible for Legislative Branch administrative operations and support services and assists the County Council in carrying out its policy making duties. 

Additionally, this office provides legislative drafting services for all County departments, records legislation and preserves legislative records, provides reprographic and mail services for all county departments, and assists with public participation in local government.

The Office of the County Clerk is charged with conducting all elections within the County of Hawai‘i.

The County Clerk manages the Elections Division, Council Services, Administrative Services, Support Services, and the Legislative Research Branch. These sections are described below:

Elections Division

For information regarding Elections, Voting, and Voter Registration, please go to the Elections Divisions Pages go to the Elections Divisions webpages here:  Elections Division.

Responsible for all election activities in the County, including administering Federal, State and County elections, voter registration, voter education and conducting absentee voting among many other related responsibilities.

Council Services

Coordinates and provides clerical and stenographic support at Council meetings and executive sessions and Council public hearings, and processes and tracks legislation which has been enacted into law.

Committee Services

Coordinates and provides clerical and stenographic support at Council Committee meetings and Committee public hearings, workshops, and site visits, and processes and tracks proposed legislation.

Administrative Services

Performs personnel and accounting functions for the County Council and Clerk’s Offices.

Support Services

Responsible for reproducing, binding, mailing and mail distribution for all County departments and agencies.

Legislative Research Branch

Conducts independent research and analysis of substantive legislation prior to its consideration or enactment, either on request of the Council or on its own initiative. It serves in a consultative capacity to the Council, its Committees, and its Members. The LRB also assists with the revision, codification, and publication of ordinances to the Hawai‘i County Code.