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Our Pledge

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Governor David Ige, State Of Hawai‘i

Restructure Management of Maunakea. I will administratively restructure the management of Maunakea to include representation by the Hawaiian community and by County government, while working with the Legislature for permanent restructuring of management.

DHHL Housing Support.  I commit to work with DHHL and the Legislature to seek additional resources to increase housing on DHHL lands.

David Ige                                                          | Sept. 12, 2019

President David Lassner, University Of Hawai‘i

Restructure Management of Maunakea.  I will work with the Governor, the Native Hawaiian community, and the Mayor to restructure a collaborative approach to stewardship of the mauna as articulated by the UH Board of Regents.

Cultural Facility. I commit to establishing a facility to celebrate and honor Hawaiian history, knowledge, culture and language, along with modern science and astronomy, on the already developed land at Hale Pōhaku under guidance by the Native Hawaiian community.

Cultural Practitioners Site. I commit to set aside lands at the summit, if desired, for the sole use of cultural practitioners.

Culture and Science Integration.  I commit to pursue broadening the cultural/educational mission at Hale Pōhaku to fully integrate Hawaiian cosmology, astronomy, language and cultural knowledge into research and teaching activities of the observatories.

David Lassner                                                  | Sept. 12, 2019


Housing. We will work with Hawai‘i County and other state agencies to expedite approval of DHHL subdivisions. We will provide innovative homestead opportunities, such as subsistence agricultural awards, tiny homes, and other efforts, to put beneficiaries on DHHL land.

William Ailā                                                                | Sept. 12, 2019

Ed Stone, Executive Director, TMT International Observatory

Sustainable Astronomy.  We commit to working toward this vision of Maunakea and the development of a new paradigm of sustainable astronomy on Maunakea founded on integrating culture, science, the environment and education, as demonstrated by the 10-plus-year consultation process, which included the Kahu Kū Mauna Council, Native Hawaiian cultural practitioners and other community members.  This led to a development plan and permit which addressed concerns about impacts on the environment and cultural and historical sites.

Good Neighbor.  We commit to continue working with the community, to being good stewards of the mountain, and good neighbors on our island home. Efforts in the past have included the THINK Fund to benefit educational programs and scholarships, and the Akamai Workforce Initiative that has placed college students in summer internships at observatories and other high-tech companies in Hawai'i.

Ed Stone                                                                          | Sept. 12, 2019

Directors of The Maunakea Observatories

The Maunakea Observatories support the vision for Maunakea and recognize the following as essential elements in your “Vision For Maunakea”:

  • The harmony that can grow from acknowledging a painful history of intrusions on the First Nation of Hawai‘i.
  • The importance of protecting the cultural and historical significance of Maunakea.
  • The necessity to build a bright future for all people in Hawai‘i in the spirit of aloha.
  • The potential of Hawai‘i setting an international example of diversity in these challenging times.
  • The unique value of Maunakea in the pursuit of knowledge about the Universe.
  • The opportunity of Maunakea becoming a global beacon of hope, peace, and discovery.

The Maunakea observatories are integral members of the Hawai‘i community and whole-heartedly support these pillars in your vision. Maunakea should be recognized as a place where cultural, scientific, and environmental interests don’t simply coincide, but instead support one another for Maunakea to thrive as a whole. We deeply appreciate the importance of Maunakea to a broad cross section of our community and we are thankful and privileged to study the universe from the Maunakea summit— a unique portal on the universe and our origins.

Letter to Mayor Harry Kim signed by all Directors of the Maunakea Observatories

| March 28, 2019


Canada-France-Hawai'i Telescope

Hoku Kea Observatory

Gemini Observatory

Subaru Telescope

James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

Institute for Astronomy

Long Baseline Observatory

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility

UKIRT (United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope)

W.M. Keck Observatory (Keck I and Keck II)


Mayor Harry Kim, County Of Hawai‘i

Participate in Management Of Maunakea. County government commits to designating County representation in high-level decision-making relating to management of Maunakea and supporting the restructuring of the management of Maunakea.

The Next Steps Forward

Convene a core group of community members who believe and support the vision. The responsibilities of this group are to provide direction and guidance in developing a plan to bring this vision to life.

Harry Kim                                                             | Sept. 12, 2019



This proposal is a result of many conversations and meetings over the past years with government leaders, guardians of the mountain, community, spiritual leaders, and scientists.  While interest and positions were diverse, each shared a deep love and commitment to what is good for Maunakea and Hawai'i.  The innumerable hours spent in these discussions has deepened my own understanding and appreciation of Maunakea and the Hawaiian people.  All meetings ended with a positive relationship that is so appreciated.

Our challenge is such a difficult one simply because of the complexity of the issue.  This proposal of a way forward is just a step building upon the foundation laid to address wrongs of past and to find a way to make things better.