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Vision and Initiatives for Maunakea

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Vision for Maunakea

This is About What Maunakea Can Be for the World

Maunakea to be a symbol of nations working together for the pursuit of peace and harmony, a beacon of hope and discovery for the world. This is not just about science. It is about combining culture and science. It is about respect and caring. It is about a quest for knowledge that will make us a better people and better stewards of this world.

  • It is about Hawai‘i to be globally recognized as a cultural and natural treasure. Hawai‘i, a place on this earth where people live together peacefully and respectfully in harmony with nature. This is about Hawai‘i and the cosmopolitan people (people of the world) where diversity is respected and celebrated.
  • This is about the recognition of a deeply painful history of intrusions on the First Nation of Hawai‘i, which today are reflected in issues such as Maunakea. It is about the wrongs done to indigenous people of the world whose scars remain fresh.
  • Maunakea to be an opportunity for the gift of aloha to be presented to the world to make us better. This is about the mountain bringing people together.

Initiatives of the Vision

Cultural Treasure:  Create a major cultural center to protect and preserve the historical and cultural specialness of Hawai‘i and its people.

Science:  Create science programs that emphasize the inseparability of nature and culture.

Education:  Create educational programs that connect the wonders of science to the minds of children and adults.

Management:  Establish an umbrella management authority that gives strong deference to the voices of the host island and the Hawaiian community.

Beacon of hope for the world:  Be a model of how the people of the world can live together in harmony and the opportunity of Maunakea becoming a global beacon of hope, peace and discovery.


“The world will turn to Hawai‘i as they search for world peace because Hawai‘i has the key… and that key is aloha.”

—Aunty Pilahi Paki, 1970

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