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When you click on a document link on the County website, a new window will automatically open in Laserfiche Weblink and it defaults to Browse mode. To search for a document by a specific word or phrase, click on Search at the top left corner. In the left column there will be a drop down menu providing various ways to search.

Basic Search

To do a Basic Text Search, click on Text in the drop down menu and enter the word or phrase you are searching for into the box under “Phrase.”

The radio buttons give you the following options:

  • Phrase: Search for a single word or phrase.
  • And: Search for all documents that contain both words or phrases entered. Another text box will appear for you to enter your second word or phrase.
  • Or: Search for documents that contain one of two specified words or phrases. Another text box will appear for you to enter your second word or phrase.
  • Not: Search for all documents that contain the first specified word or phrase, but not the second one. Another text box will appear for you to enter your second word or phrase.
  • Within: Search for two words or phrases within a specified distance of each other. A box will appear for you to specify this information.

By checking Fuzzy Search, you will allow Laserfiche to find words similar to those you typed. This allows you to find documents about your topic that may have been misspelled. Fuzzy Searches take significantly more time to complete, so only check this option when necessary.

Press the Search button at the bottom of the search pane to perform the search.

To Reset your search options, press the Reset bottom.

Searching with “Wildcards” - Wildcards are used to represent one or more characters in a word. This is useful when you would like to retrieve all documents containing variations of a word or when you are not sure of the characters contained by your search word.

  • An * (asterick) represents any number of missing characters (including zero). For example, govern*s would find “governors”, “governments”, and “governs”.
  • A ? (question mark) represents any single character. For example, gr?y would find “gray” and “grey”, but not “gravy”.

Search Results

Working with the Search Window

After selecting the ‘Search’ Button, the search window opens up and lists the documents that meet your search criteria. Click on the number of hits under the ‘Hits’ Column to display the context of the word or phrase for which a search was performed.

A search result is viewed by clicking the specific entry name, context hit, or thumbnail.

  • To open the document starting with the first page, click the entry name.
  • To open the document to the page where the search term appears, click the context hit. The term you searched for will be highlighted in blue in both the Image and Text Panes.
  • To open the document to a specific page, click the page’s thumbnail.

You can view 20 search results at a time. Click Next to go to the next page of search results. To navigate to the beginning or end of the results list, click First Set or Last Set at the bottom of the Contents Pane. Click Date Modified or Date Created at the top of the Contents Pane to sort your results accordingly. If performing a Text search, you can click Relevance at the top to sort the results from most to least relevant. If your administrator has configured the search results to hide certain components, you can view these components by clicking Show more information under the specific search result. To hide the components, click Show less information.

Laserfiche Weblink search example screenshot

Customized Search

The Customize Search option in the drop down menu allows you to limit the archives folders that you want to search in. For more help with advanced searching, click “Help” at the top right of the Laserfiche Weblink screen.

Document/Folder Name
Document/Folder Name search will return documents, electronic documents, or folders with a particular name.

You can search for documents and folders by assigned template, field value, or multiple field values. To search by template only, select the template and leave all the fields blank. This will return all documents and folders assigned this template regardless of the field values.

The Field search finds all documents and folders that have been assigned a particular template. Additionally, you can further limit search results to those documents or folders that have been assigned a particular field value or multiple field values. You can also search for documents or folders that have no template assigned to them.

Within Folder
The Within Folder Search limits search results to the contents of a particular folder and its subfolders.

Within Volume
A search can be performed for all documents stored on a particular volume.

Sticky Note
The Sticky Note search finds all documents that contain a sticky note with a particular word or phrase.

You can search for documents or folders by creation/modification date in the following ways.

  • Before a particular date (leave the starting date blank)
  • On a particular date (enter the same date in both the starting and ending date fields)
  • After a particular date (leave the ending date blank)
  • On and between two dates (specify a starting and ending date)

Electronic Documents
You can search for documents by whether they have an electronic file associated with them—also considered searching for an electronic document—as well as what kind of electronic file. You can also search for documents that do not have an electronic file associated with them.

Has Pages
You can search for documents by whether they contain image or text pages or by whether OCR processing has been applied to the images associated with that document. The different states for documents processed by OCR are listed below.

  • All: Finds documents with all pages processed by OCR.
  • Some: Finds documents with one or more (but not all) pages processed by OCR.
  • None: Finds documents with no pages processed by OCR.

You can search for documents that have been linked together by specifying the relationship between them, either from the point of view of the source or target document. For example, if “Permit Request” is the e-mail with an attachment of “Driver’s License,” then searching for the document relationship “e-mail” will find “Permit Request.”

You can search for documents that have been assigned tags by specifying one or more informational or security tags. You can choose to find only documents with all specified tags or with one or more of them.

WebLink Search
The WebLink Search finds all documents that have a particular word or phrase. This option is different from the Text Search in that it has a more “Internet-like” feel. If you type in multiple words, each word will be optional (OR) for search results, instead of being interpreted as a phrase. To perform a phrase search, place quotation marks around the phrase.